Sales Catalogues -- Guidelines

Accurately Promoting & Marketing Speckle Park Cattle.

     Please help us improve the marketing of Speckle Park cattle.  This is the time of year for selling bulls by private treaty and in public sales offerings.  This is the time of year for presenting your Speckle Park to potential buyers and even future member breeders.  Accuracy is of utmost importance when describing your stock.

     The Directors of the Canadian Speckle Park Association have asked the Association’s Business Manager to contact the sellers, consignors and management teams for Speckle Park sales.  Sometimes some of the details in verbal descriptions and in the sales catalogues as provided by the consignors and printed by the management teams are inconsistent with the By-laws of the Canadian Speckle Park Association.  These inconsistencies are very confusing to everyone involved – but especially to potential new buyers.  All of these items were brought to the attention of the Association’s office by buyers and potential buyers during and after last year’s spring sales season.  Similar feedback has already been received in 2016.

     The Association’s directors would like to ensure the information about the consignments is presented in a consistent manner and as accurately as possible.  If any of these points needs further clarification, or if the business manager can assist in any way, please contact the Association’s office.  The CSPA directors have instructed the Association’s business manager to offer his services to proof read sales catalogues on these points, if anyone wishes.  Answering any questions and/or proof reading will be a priority when requests are received. 

These are the points to remember and implement.

1.     The registration number of every SP includes a pair of letters at the end of the number, either a PB, PT or AP.  PB indicates purebred; PT indicates percentage and AP indicates appendix Speckle Park.  All of them are registered Speckle Park.  Only those with the suffix PB are purebred.

2.     Purebred SP are purebred and Appendix SP are appendix and there is absolutely no reason to report a percent of blood for PB or AP Speckle Park

3.     Please report percentages of blood for Speckle Park with registration numbers ending PT.  The by-laws of the Association only recognize five possible numbers:  50%, 75%, 87.5%, 93.8% and 96.9%.  Any other numbers are fabrications and will never be found on any of the Association’s registration papers.  Do not calculate any other percentage numbers by averaging.  No new 50% Speckle Park have been registered with birth dates subsequent to 2006.

4.     Please, never print 100% in the case of any Speckle Park animal.  The Association’s by-laws have absolutely no references to any animal as 100%; no Speckle Park registration papers have a reference to 100%.  The Association does not use the designation 100%.  The CSPA By-laws in fact state, “No animal will be assigned a percentage higher than 96.9%.”  (By-laws, Section 15, 1) 

(The 100% designation only occurs on the CLRC electronic pedigree data base and is a convenience for CLRC and its computer system.  The CLRC system is used for all of the cattle breeds and the multiple other species serviced by CLRC where 100% may be relevant.  There are also other things in the electronic pedigree system that are irrelevant to cattle as well, e.g. “litter size.”)

5.     In the case of embryos offered for sale, it is advisable to give some indication of the status of the resultant ET calves.  Otherwise, new buyers do not know the quality of the genetics on which they are bidding.  A simple phrase will do:  

“The resulting ET calves will be eligible for registration as PB”


“The resulting ET calves will be eligible for registration as PT.”

If you need any clarification as to the potential status of the ET calves, the Association office is very willing to provide the information.

6.     The name of the Association is the Canadian Speckle Park Association and not the Speckle Park Association of Canada.

7.     If you wish, you may include this statement.

“All sellers and buyers of Speckle Park cattle in this sale are expected to be knowledgeable of and to abide by The Guidelines for Seller and Buyer Expectations and the By-laws of the Canadian Speckle Park Association.  These documents are available from the Association’s office.”

Please do not refer to “terms and guarantees set forth by the Association.”  The Canadian Speckle Park Association has no such document in which the Association sets for guarantees. 

Thank you for your help in promoting and marketing SP accurately and consistently to the buying public.